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This resource contains a collection of Python best practices and Python tips provided by our Toptal network members. As such, this page will be updated on a regular basis to include additional information and cover emerging Python techniques. This is a community driven project, so you are encouraged to contribute as well, and we are counting on your feedback.

Python is a high level language used in many development areas, like web development (Django, Flask), data analysis (SciPy, scikit-learn), desktop UI (wxWidgets, PyQt) and system administration (Ansible, OpenStack). The main advantage of Python is development speed. Python comes with rich standard library, a lot of 3rd party libraries and clean syntax. All this allows a developer to focus on the problem they want to solve, and not on the language details or reinventing the wheel.

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Be Consistent About Indentation in the Same Python File.

Indentation level in Python is really important, and mixing tabs and spaces is not a smart, nor recommended practice. To go even further, Python 3 will simply refuse to interpret mixed file, while in Python 2 the interpretation of tabs is as if it is converted to spaces using 8-space tab stops. So while executing, you may have no clue at which indentation level a specific line is being considered.

For any code you think someday someone else will read or use, to avoid confusion you should stick with PEP-8, or your team-specific coding style. PEP-8 strongly discourage mixing tabs and spaces in the same file.

For further information, check out this Q&A on StackExchange:

  1. The first downside is that it quickly becomes a mess

… Formatting should be the task of the IDE. Developers have already enough work to care about the size of tabs, how much spaces will an IDE insert, etc. The code should be formatted correctly, and displayed correctly on other configurations, without forcing developers to think about it.

Also, remember this:

Furthermore, it can be a good idea to avoid tabs altogether, because the semantics of tabs are not very well-defined in the computer world, and they can be displayed completely differently on different types of systems and editors. Also, tabs often get destroyed or wrongly converted during copy-paste operations, or when a piece of source code is inserted into a web page or other kind of markup code.

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