To Python 3 and Back Again: Is It Worth the Switch?

Python 3 has been in existence for 7 years now, yet some still prefer to use Python 2 instead of the newer version. This is a problem especially for neophytes that are approaching Python for the first time. I realized this at my previous workplace with colleagues in the exact same situation. Not only were they unaware of the differences between the two versions, they were not even aware of the version that they had installed.

Inevitably, different colleagues had installed different versions of the interpreter. That was a recipe for disaster if they would’ve then tried to blindly share the scripts between them.

This wasn’t quite their fault, on the contrary. A greater effort for documenting and raising awareness is needed to dispel that veil of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that sometimes affects our choices. This post is thus thought for them, or for those who already use Python 2 but aren’t sure about moving to the next version, maybe because they tried version 3 only at the beginning when it was less refined and support for libraries was worse.

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  • Um... I want to use 3, but some of the modules I need are still on 2.7.

    • Peter

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